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ANGEL QUEST is a television documentary of a pilgrimage to the seven, mystical, mountain-top monasteries that lie on a perfectly straight line across 2,500 miles from Ireland to Israel. Built centuries apart in hostile and inaccessible places, their existence seems especially pointless. Did such mystical houses of prayer have some practical importance eons ago? Do they have any relevance to society and culture today?

The St. Michael line of "sacred geography" has long been the focus of research by our host, Rev. Longenecker, a prolific author, speaker, and television presenter. A former Anglican priest in Britain, he has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East. Today he is a Catholic priest in the southern United States. By prioritized a connection with the supernatural through prayer and worship, monasteries became a stabilizing force in society. Monasteries became hubs of civilization by cultivating education, literacy, and providing humanitarian aid to the poor and hungry. Monastic life was the means by which one participated not just in the struggles of temporal society, but also in the cosmic, spiritual battles between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. 

By land, sea, train, and occasionally by air, we will journey along St. Michael’s line, from the dramatic, “Star Wars” island of Skellig Michael off Ireland’s southwest coast, to the monasteries on Mount Carmel in Israel and the ancient battle ground of Tel Megiddo as we unlock historical, cultural, and spiritual realities.

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